5 Thoughtful & Unique Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him & Her


We get it…finding thoughtful and unique Valentine’s Day gift ideas can be tough. If all else fails, you can always trek over to your local Big Box store for the usual suspects — a la teddy bears, heart-shaped boxes of chocolates, and jewelry galore. 

But who needs (or wants) more thoughtless gifts or stuff? Hint: no one and especially not your significant other. Instead, add meaning and purpose while making a heartfelt statement this year with the following uniquely thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him and her

Give the Gift of All-Natural, Plant-Based Hair, Beard, and Skin Care

Show your loved one that you adore their skin with a safe, all-natural, plant-based Valentine’s Day Gift Box from Butter by Q. Instead of using potentially carcinogenic chemicals, artificial fragrances, perfumes, parabens, and other harmful ingredients, each product in the Valentine’s Day Gift Box is handcrafted from the best ingredients Mother Nature offers. For a limited time only, you can give your loved one a custom gift box: 

  1. Whipped Hair and Body Butter 
  2. Premium Body Oil
  3. Two Icy Fresh Lip Balms

Considering presentation is everything, we’ve packaged it all together in a gold Luxe Gift Box designed to highlight your attention to detail and thoughtfulness.

Best of all, you can choose the perfect product combination of all-natural, plant-based products based on your loved one’s profile. In either case, Butter by Q’s products are designed to help:

And for a limited time only, you’ll enjoy free shipping! That’s almost an $80.00 value for $60.00. 

Look Good & Feel Even Better When You Wear the Peace

Everyone likes to look good. But when you are doing good while looking good, it’s a win-win. This is exactly what the iconic brand, Wear the Peace, is designed to do. Boasting exceptional quality, stunning designs, and powerful, altruistic messages, Wear the Peace offers a full lineup of clothing, caps, and accessories. 

Best of all, Wear the Peace is a powerful brand of substance! The company was founded in 2016 by Murad Nofal and Mustafa Mabruk to spread awareness about the atrocities happening in the world. Every purchase you make from Wear the Peace will support humanitarian causes and help make a measurable difference in the lives of those less fortunate. To date, Wear the Peace has:  

  • Donated nearly 82,959 articles of clothing to refugee camps. Clothing articles are donated to humans in need with every purchase.
  • Donated $42,688. 100% of profits from caps and accessories are donated to different humanitarian causes, such as feeding families in famine-stricken countries, sending girls to schools in conflict areas, building water wells, and much more.
  • Raised more than $1,450,000 through fundraising and partnerships that support worldwide humanitarian tragedies. 

Ready to learn more? Visit WearThePeace.com to shop their amazing lineup or go to Their Story to learn more about their remarkable journey.

The Most Delicious and Thoughtful Gift Possible 

Whether you’re a vegetarian, vegan, or seafood specialist (you see food and eat it), everyone loves eating. This Valentine’s Day, tap into the quintessential nature of food. This doesn't involve walking into the Outback for "steak on the barbie" or purchasing a Whitman's Sampler in a velvet box. While both of these options are acceptable, you can do better. 

Hire a Private Chef for Valentine’s Day

You can take it to the next level by hiring a private chef to come to your home to cook for you and your significant other. Dinner for two? Yes, please! Two of our favorite private chef options are:

Schedule Couples Cooking Lessons

You can also schedule private couple's cooking lessons. One caveat — make sure it's a couple's affair, especially if you identify as a "him" looking for Valentine’s gift for "her." It may not go as planned if a husband or boyfriend gifts his wife or girlfriend individual cooking lessons for Valentine’s Day (or any occasion for that matter). If you’re interested in this option, you can’t go wrong with TheChefandTheDish.com.

Reading Is Fundamental…and Romantic with LoveBook

With no room for debate or discussion, 80s babies are the best! Besides, who else can attest growing up to Captain Planet, Care Bears, and LeVar Burton’s Reading Rainbow? Reading Rainbow was an iconic show and made reading cool for an entire generation. While we know you can go anywhere by taking a look in a book, did you know reading is romantic? 

Yep…this Valentine’s Day give your loved one a book of your love. At LoveBook.com, you can quickly build your book of reasons your significant other has your love. Even better, you don’t have to be Toni Morrison, James Baldwin, or even Eric Jerome Dickey. You can create your LoveBook in three easy steps: 

  1. Choose your “lovemojis” to look like you and your loved one
  2. Answer a few quick questions
  3. Personalize each page to fit your story! 

Although your book may not win a Pulitzer or a Mark Twain award, it will win your loved one's heart.Visit LoveBooks Online to create and tell your love story. 

Everyone Loves to Save Money: Give a Coupon Book 

Contrary to popular belief, couponing can be sexy and romantic. But not in the traditional sense of whipping a coupon book out on your next date. Simply put, don’t do this. Instead, you can give your loved one a customized coupon booklet. To do so, visit LoveCoups.com or  Etsy to explore their array of Valentine’s Coupons. If you’re on a tight budget, you can make your own. Make sure to include coupons for things that your significant other would genuinely enjoy, such as:

  1. One Date Night
  2. One Day of No Kids
  3. Free Girl's (or Boys) Night Out (On Me)
  4. One Personal Pedicure
  5. One Free Car Wash

Shop Butter by Q for the Best Natural, Plant-Based Skin Care & Cosmetic Products

As you can see, there are a plethora of thoughtful and unique Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for him and her. All it takes is a bit of creativity and thinking outside of the box. Or you can think in the box and gift Butter by Q’s limited-time Valentine’s Day Gift Box. In the premium, plant-based, all-natural gift box, you can choose:

  • One Whipped Hair & Body Butter
  • One Scented Body Oil
  • Two Lip Balms
  • One Free Luxe Gold Gift Box

We’ll pack the gift box and ship it to you or your loved one for free! Get started today.