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Personalized Hair, Beard, and Skin Suggestions to Achieve Your Goals

We get it — choosing the best natural products for your skin, beard, and hair can be tough. That’s why we offer personalized skincare solutions just for you. We've created an easy hair, beard, and skincare quiz designed to provide helpful suggestions based on your goals. Answer a few quick questions, and we'll match you with solutions that fit your goals. Take the free Hair, Skin, and Beard Quiz

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Hair, Skin, Beard Frequently Asked Questions

Easy! Visit the <a href="" target="_blank"> Hair, Skin, and Beard Care Quiz </a>to get started.

Yes! There are no hidden charges or subscriptions required to access our free hair, beard, and skin quiz. 

Most customers complete the quiz in a matter of two to three minutes. If you have a few minutes, you’re well on your way to healthier, better skin and hair. 

The hair, beard, and skin quiz includes strategic questions about you, the types of issues you may be experiencing, and your goals. We will never ask for any personal or sensitive information. Instead, the questions are centered around your hair, beard, and skincare goals.

The recommendations from the quiz are based on scientific research. We have strategically included the best ingredients Mother Nature offers. These ingredients are proven to provide specific benefits for your hair and skin. Each recommendation applies this research to help you achieve your stated goals. 

Of course! Because your skin care goals change and evolve, customers regularly retake the quiz for a fresh assessment.

Few things are worse than answering a set of questions to learn you must provide your email address and the birth date of your firstborn to get the results. That’s not what we do! Instead, we will provide you with personalized recommendations instantly without providing any personal information — not even your email. You can take the quiz completely anonymously.

Absolutely! Every product recommended through the quiz is readily available at Butter by Q. 

At Butter by Q, our products are for anyone with skin or hair. Do you have skin or hair? If so, you can walk away from the quiz with personalized suggestions. However, if you do not have skin or hair, this quiz may not be ideal for you. 

Most dermatologists and skin care experts suggest retaking the quiz at least once a season. This is because your skin’s needs will change with the season. For example, if you have dry, flaky skin in the winter and your skin is oily in the summer, your personalized hair, skin, and beard quiz recommendations would change.