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At Butter by Q, we are extremely meticulous and feel good about every ingredient we put into our products, so you can look and feel good when you put them on.

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    Why Choose Butter by Q?

    100% Natural & Plant-Based

    We keep all of our beard and hair products 100% natural because Mother Nature knows best. We say no to chemicals and irritants and yes to healthier, more moisturized skin, hair and beards.

    Handmade with Premium Ingredients

    Don't settle for good when you deserve the best. Every Butter by Q product is carefully crafted with the best ingredients that Mother Nature has to offer.

    Nutrient-Rich & Vitamin Infused

    Enriched with key vitamins and nutrients, our hair and beard are naturally designed to promote healthy skin and hair, relieve itchy scalp, moisturize, and prevent hair shedding.

    Promotes Hair Growth

    Exposing your hair to toxins and chemicals can work to inhibit growth. All of our hair and beard products are made from toxin-free, 100% natural nutrients and minerals that can help you gain the inches you desire. 

    Non-Comedogenic Products

    All of our products are non-comedogenic, which means they're handmade without pore-clogging ingredients that can cause acne breakouts. We like to be very clear, just like your skin.

    Artificial Fragrance & Perfume Free

    While artificial fragrances may smell good, they can lead to irritation and even cause dryness. For this reason, we skip artificial perfumes and fragrances and let Mother Nature do what she does best.