The Fantastic 4 Natural Ingredients in the Best Anti-Aging Cream

African-American/Black Woman Researching the Best Anti-Aging Creams with Jojoba Oil and Rosehip Oil

Let’s face it — Father Time is undefeated. However, good old Mother Nature has a secret weapon for Father’s time most visible signs of aging. Whether it’s age spots, wrinkles, crows feet, or other signs of aging, there are many 100% natural, plant-based remedies that are proven to slow time's inevitable march. 

Three of the most powerful natural anti-aging skin cream ingredients for wrinkles, crows feet, fine lines, and other symptoms are:

  • Shea Butter
  • Mango Butter
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Rosehip Oil 

However, the cost of these premium natural substances often causes manufacturers to leave them off the ingredients list. Fortunately, Butter by Q combines all four of these premium ingredients into every jar of whipped shea butter — the best anti-aging moisturizer:

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Read on to learn the best natural ways to get rid of wrinkles on the face as well as age lines, crows feet, dry skin, and other signs of aging. 

Shea Butter Is One of the Natural Ways to Get Rid of Wrinkles on the Face

While everyone knows about the amazing benefits of shea butter for eczema, psoriasis, and dry skin, it’s also a perfect natural remedy for aging. Native to Western Africa, shea butter is the edible extract harvested from the seed of the Vitellaria Paradoxa or shea tree. 

Shea Butter’s Anti-Aging Benefits Include Increased Collagen Production

Shea butter is loaded with premium, natural goodness and key vitamins, such as: 

  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin K
  • Vitamin F

These action-packed vitamins work in concert to turn back the hands of time. Specifically, these nutrients will repair the damage to your skin and bolster the production of collagen, which further reduces signs of aging and plumps your skin. 

Raw & Whipped Shea Butter Can Help Improve Skin Elasticity

At the same time, the vitamins and fatty acids in shea butter help promote the free flow of blood circulation, which can help bolster the elasticity of your skin. The cetyl esters in whipped shea butter can help add a protective layer that helps prevent moisture loss and repair the skin.

All in all, shea butter works around the clock to slow down the aging process. As an added bonus, shea butter can work wonders for moisture retention for all types of hair, including 4A, 4B, and type 4C natural hair

Say Bye Bye to Wrinkling, Sagging, and Hyperpigmentation

Intrinsic aging is determined by genetics, but extrinsic aging refers to the signs of aging influenced by environmental and external factors, such as:

  • Sun exposure
  • Poor nutrition
  • Air pollution
  • Smoking

As a regular ingredient in natural wrinkle cream, shea butter is loaded with vitamins, micronutrients, essential fatty acids, and antioxidants that can help combat extrinsic aging. This dynamic anti-aging moisturizer bolsters healing and anti-inflammatory capabilities. According to one clinical study of 49 participants who applied shea butter to the skin two times a day reported it helped prevent photoaging.

Mango Butter Is a Powerful Anti-Wrinkle & Anti Crows Feet, and Anti-Aging Ingredient

Pure White Unrefined Mango Butter in a Clear Bowl for Anti-Aging Creams and Moisturizers

Similar to the amazing benefits of shea butter, mango butter is packed with outstanding fatty acids that make it one of the best anti-aging wrinkle creams and treatments for crow's feet. Mango butter is extracted from the tropical seeds of mango fruit. Using a cold pressing method, the friction and high pressure of the extraction process release the magical oil that is solidified into butter.

Anti-aging face and wrinkle creams made with mango butter will be rich in fatty acids and antioxidants, which empowers them to:

  • Hydrate dry skin
  • Smooth out fine lines on the forehead and around the mouth
  • Remove age spots

Mango Butter Tightens and Firms Skin

One of the most important anti-aging mango butter benefits is its ability to firm and tighten the appearance of your skin. Mango butter is rich in:

  • Oleic acid is a powerful mono-unsaturated Omega-9 acid that works to penetrate your skin, hydrate, and seal in moisture as it goes along. At the same time, oleic acid helps protect other important and delicate compounds in mango butter — such as antioxidants — from being dehydrated. 
  • Stearic acid — a dynamic saturated fatty acid — is highly effective at binding oil and water together. In doing so, the stearic acid content in mango butter helps your skin stay moisturized for longer periods. The stearic acid content in mango butter works as an emollient, which means it smooths out flaky and dry skin. 

Both of these ingredients are readily recognized, absorbed, and consumed by your skin to add moisture and rejuvenate its texture. 

Mango Butter Can Plumpen the Appearance of Your Skin

Mature Black Woman Smiling with Anti-Aging Creams and Serums

Empowered by a healthy dose of Vitamin C, mango butter works around the clock to plumpen your skin and offers a tighter, firmer look. And this is one of the top reasons you can find Vitamin C and often mango butter in the best anti-aging eye creams. 

In addition, the vitamin C in mango butter can help heal wounds because it’s necessary for collagen synthesis. In one study, mango butter was tested on those with worn and cracked skin. Every participant experienced complete repair of the areas that were cracked as well as more hydrated and smoother skin overall. 

Is Your Skin Glowing or What?

If you want to restore your youthful glow, look for anti-aging moisturizers and natural wrinkle creams full of Vitamin A. And mango butter confidently checks this box. As such, mango butter’s benefits include reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, while restoring your youthful glow.

The Best Anti-Aging Moisturizers with Mango Butter Can Remedy Dry Skin

If you want to remedy flakiness, dry patches, and sensitive skin, look for anti-aging products that are full of mango butter. Here’s why: mango butter is loaded with fatty acids, phytosterols, and tocopherols and has amazing emollient properties. This can help bolster your skin texture and keep it soft. 

At the same time, mango butter offers anti-inflammatory properties that can help alleviate itching and soothe skin irritation. In fact, mango butter can help prevent moisture loss while soothing psoriasis and eczema flare-ups. 

Jojoba Oil for Skin Can Help Turn Back the Hands of Time

All-Natural Jojoba Seed Oil for Anti-Aging Serums, Creams, and Moisturizers

The jojoba plant is a hearty, perennial plant that is native to North America. This ultra-durable plant thrives in almost any environment — even barren deserts that are notorious for killing most living things. The jojoba plant also produces a nut that is loaded with healing properties. This nut can be made into a premium jojoba oil that works wonders on the skin, especially in terms of anti-aging. 

Jojoba Is One of the Top Natural Ways to Get Rid of Wrinkles on the Face

As a natural humectant, jojoba oil is a key ingredient in the best anti-aging wrinkle creams and is one of the proven ways to get rid of wrinkles on the face. Jojoba oil helps draw water to the top layer of your skin to help it remain hydrated. And this can work against the natural aging process where your skin gradually loses moisture. 

Jojoba Helps Improve Collagen Creation and Reduce Crows Feet

Jojoba oil is also an antioxidant and can help your body create collagen, which opens the door to one of its amazing anti-aging benefits. 

As you age, your natural collagen levels decrease, which is why your facial structure tends to change. However, the antioxidants in jojoba oil can help bolster collagen synthesis, which leads to: 

  • Smoothing of fine lines
  • Smoothing out of face wrinkles 
  • Slowing down other signs of aging

In the end, jojoba oil is one of the most-effective all-around natural anti-aging ingredients. 

Rosehip Seed Oil Is a Powerful Ingredient in the Best Cream for Crows Feet & Natural Wrinkle Cream

Rosehip Oil for Anti-Aging Creams for Crows Feet, Wrinkles, Fine Lines, and

Also known as rosehip seed oil, rosehip oil is a very expensive extract gathered from the fruit and seed of the rose plant. Recognized as a skincare hero and premium natural wrinkle cream additive, rosehip offers a plethora of anti-aging and hydrating benefits. 

It boasts high levels of Omega-6, Omega-3, essential fatty acids, and other ingredients that work to improve your skin barrier function and soften your skin. 

Rosehip Oil Increases Skin Elasticity and Collagen Production

Research shows that rosehip oil can lead to a massive improvement in:

  • Skin elasticity
  • Skin moisture level
  • Crows feet

According to research, rosehip oil is a wonder substance that is proven to inhibit the development of MMP-1. This is an enzyme that works to degrade and break down collagen in your body. 

Rosehip Oil Heals and Helps Regenerate Skin

Thanks to high concentrations of Vitamin B, Vitamin A, and Vitamin E, rosehip oil is known for its healing and exceptional regeneration properties. 

Rosehip Oil Fights Free Radicals 

Loaded with Vitamin C, rosehip oil is the ultra combatant against free radicals in the skin. In addition, rosehip oil can:

  • Brighten skin
  • Reduce the appearance of wrinkles
  • Reduce the appearance of fine lines

Boosts Your Skin’s Restoration Powers

According to a 2015 study, rosehip oil is effective at improving the appearance of scars when it is used on patients for post-surgery. 

Bye-Bye Crows Feet & Fine Lines

Rosehip is loaded with antioxidants and fatty acids that are foundational for cell and tissue regeneration. In another 2015 study, rosehip was used to show a substantial reduction in the appearance of crow's feet and fine lines around the eyes. 

What Is the Best Anti-Aging Cream That Really Works?

Black Man Finding the 100% Natural Anti-Aging Creams with Jojoba Oil, Rosehip, Mango Butter, and Shea Butter

If you’re looking for the best anti-aging cream that is natural and safe, make sure you look for an anti-aging wrinkle cream, a natural wrinkle cream, or cream for crow’s feet with a healthy dose of all of the aforementioned ingredients:

  1. Shea butter for anti-aging creams
  2. Mango butter for anti-aging serums
  3. Jojoba oil for natural anti-aging face creams 
  4. Rosehip oil for natural anti-aging treatments 

While every cosmetics and beauty manufacturer knows the effectiveness of these core anti-aging moisturizers, many leave them off the ingredients list because of the cost. 

However, Butter by Q includes all of these effective anti-aging moisturizing agents in our 100% natural hair and body products. As such, we unlock the powerful combination of shea butter, mango butter, jojoba oil, and rosehip oil, to deliver the visible results our family has come to expect:

  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Tame crows feet
  • Help with collagen production
  • Smooth out rough skin texture
  • Moisturize and nourish dry skin
  • Reduce the sign of age spots and blotchiness
  • Help even out skin tone

Shop Butter by Q’s Anti-Aging Whipped Shea Butter Moisturizer & Natural Wrinkle Cream

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At Butter by Q, we have infused the best and most effective all-natural anti-aging ingredients into our whipped shea butter. Each jar of whipped shea butter cream is loaded with:

  1. Pure unrefined shea butter
  2. Pure unrefined mango butter
  3. Organic jojoba oil
  4. Organic rosehip oil
  5. Organic apricot oil
  6. Organic avocado oil
  7. Organic beeswax

In addition, we infuse a proprietary blend of plant-based essential oils and vitamins that are proven to further turn back the hands of time. 

Explore our premium whipped shea butter that features all of the best natural, anti-aging ingredients for moisturizers:

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