Go Ahead...Show Yourself Some Love

We are extremely selective and feel good about every natural, plant-based ingredient we put in our product — so you can feel even better and more confident when you put it on. Go ahead....show your skin some love.

Why Choose Butter by Q?

Non-Comedogenic Products

All of our products non-comedogenic, which means they are intentionally crafted without potentially-pore clogging ingredients that may lead to acne breakouts. We like to be very clear, just like your skin.

100% Natural, Plant-Based & Chemical-Free

Each of products include ingredients that are 100% natural and plant-based — just as Mother Nature intended. This makes Butter by Q safe for your and your loved ones.

Handmade with Premium Ingredients

We only use the best, premium ingredients from reliably-sourced suppliers. We feel good about what we put in, so you can feel good about what you're putting on.

Nutrient-Rich & Vitamin Infused

Every product has been intentionally enhanced with key nutrients and vitamins to achieve desired results. Whether it's eczema relief, acne scarring correction, or dry skin relief, we have you covered (as long as you're covered with Butter by Q.)

Fragrance & Perfume Free

While cotton-scented whipped Shea Butter may sound like a dream, it can be a nightmare for someone with eczema, psorias, or other skin conditions. That's why we only use 100% plant-based aromatherapy blends that don't just smell good— they are even better for your skin.

Free of Artificial Coloring

We get it, sparkling, elaborately colored whipped shea is easy on the eyes. Your skin…not so much. Certain dyes are known to be skin irritants, which is why we leave rainbows for the sky.