12 Awesome Black-Owned Businesses to Support This Holiday Season

12 Days of Black-Owned Businesses of Christmas 

You can't step outside without hearing about The Twelve Days of Christmas, partridges in a pear tree, and FIVE GOLDEN RINGS. I've never understood the ill-timed crescendo at "FIVE GOLDEN RINGS" — it's not even the middle or end of the song! However, it does clearly unveil that bling-bling isn't just a cultural thing. 

But we're not here to talk about eight maids-a-milking, platinum-coated iced-out grills, or even Lil Wayne's iconic "Bling Bling" song— back when Cash Money was lit. Instead, you're here to learn about Black-owned businesses you can support this and every other holiday season. 

I, Elliott Curry, will be your trusted guide through many of the best and brightest Black-owned businesses you may have never heard of. Read on to learn more about the 12 Black-Owned Businesses of Christmas.  

1. Butter by Q Is Only for Folks with Skin

Butter by Q is the perfect gift for anyone with skin, offering an array of skin, hair, and beard products safe for the entire family. Our best-selling product is our Eczema Balm — followed by:

Each product is 100% natural without chemicals, preservatives, artificial fragrances, or water. We only use the best ingredients Mother Nature has to offer. 

Now, let's address the elephant in the room. Can Elliott offer a fair and unbiased assessment of Butter by Q? No, he can't — but the countless customers we've helped with eczema, dry skin, itchy scalp, and incessant dandruff can. Simply put, the results of Butter by Q speak louder than I can ever wish to, and that's saying a lot! 

You can find Butter by Q's products in select retail stores, on Amazon, or at Butter by Q's website. And for this holiday season, we're rolling out Butter by Q Gift Cards!

Shop our premium body oils, butters, beard products, and balms. 

2. Scent the Moment Delivers Premium Soy Candles

There is something special about candles. They help me focus and give me a sense of well-being and peace. My zen came to a screeching halt when candles started causing my wife (the Q in Butter by Q) to have severe headaches. After research, I learned that her headaches were caused by paraffin wax. Paraffin wax includes chemicals that cause eye and upper respiratory tract irritations, headaches, and more. 

But when I was introduced to Scent the Moment, it was a win-win! Even though Scent the Moment is one of the most affordable chanders I have encountered, they spare no expense and only use the best ingredients. Instead of cheap paraffin wax or the popular "Soy Blend," Scent the Moment uses 100% premium soy as the base. Then, she adds select botanical extracts to create unbelievable scents. Scent the Moment offers premium quality 100% soy candles without the 100% premium price.

Check them out online at ScenttheMoment.com, or you can stop by their new location at 42 Keys Ferry St., in McDonough, GA.  

Shop Scent the Moment!

3. Sista Bag

I will never forget the day I put my granny's purse on the floor. You would've thought I went in her pot without washing my hands. While I can't speak on whether a purse on the floor is money out the door, I can say women view their purses as sacred and personal treasures. 

So, why not offer your significant other, friend, sister, or loved one a personalized bag from Sista Bag? This innovative Black-owned purse manufacturer offers options for almost every price point, starting at $49.95 

You can choose from many designs, sizes, and materials, such as PU leather, twill faux leather, or top-grain leather. Regardless of the bag you choose, personalization is free. 

Explore Sista Bag. 

4. Black Unicorn Offers Black-Themed Toys & More


Growing up in the South without an abundance (or any) of Black-themed toys had its effects on me. It negatively influenced the way I saw the world and my place in it. Because of this, I am committed to providing my children with toys that reflect the multi-dimensional beauty of Blackness. While Mattel makes Black barbie dolls, they are all side chicks. It has never been a secret that blonde Barbie is the main show. 

Black Unicorn puts my child's beautiful skin and magical hair on display! Considering my 4-year-old daughter's fascination with unicorns, Black Unicorn's plethora of stuffed unicorns, dolls, games, bedding, and HBCU-inspired merch is perfect. I love Black Unicorn because it allows my daughter to enter a whimsical world that resonates and reflects her! That way, she can start to see herself as the beauty she is and not base her self image on a mainstream, Euro-centric perception.  

Explore The Black Unicorn Shop! 

5. Black Elder — You Should Always Listen to Your Elders! 

When it comes to illness and being sick, ain't nobody got time for that! That's why I take many preventative measures to bolster and support my immune system, but elderberry is second to none. In addition to improving your immune system, research shows elderberry can offer 

  • Digestive health support, 
  • Increase energy, 
  • Improve thyroid function, 
  • Enhance joint health, and 
  • Provide anemia relief.

Better yet, it may help relieve flu and respiratory infection problems, which is clutch considering every day is either COVID or flu season. And when the Curry House needs elderberry and wellness products, we turn to the ancient wisdom of our elders — The Black Elder. Black Elder is a black-owned company that offers the best elderberry syrups, syrup-making kits, and vitamin supplements. The Curry house has relied on Black Elder for years, and we're proud to share our secret with you.  

Shop Black Elder.

6. Tees of Life Allows You to Wear Your Mind with Pride 

What if someone tried to disturb your peace, but you only needed to point to your chest to communicate, "Nah, I'm good." What if a friend already owes you $$$ and asks to borrow more? Wouldn't it be nice if you could give them the Care Bear stare to inform "I'm notfinnado that." The "what if" is the reality with Tees of Life.

While you may have no shortage of tee shirt manufacturers, Tees of Life hits differently. You can shop premium quality tee shirts and hoodies emboldened with the sassiest, self-love phrases, empowering you to tell the world who you are…without saying a word.

Check out Tees of Life

7. No! Wiggle No! Jiggle Offers Shapewear Made by and for You

The global compression wear & shapewear is projected to topple $6.95 billion by 2030. Like most industries, Black and minority business owners find themselves on the outside looking in. But not Tamara Johnson, the founder of No! Wiggle No! Jiggle. Tamara wasn't happy with the support she received from her leggings while working out. She felt her workout gear was inhibiting her ability to reach her full potential in the gym. 

After listening to Jay Z, Tamara said, "I got 99 problems, but being distracted by adjusting and readjusting my outfits every few minutes will NOT be one." Shortly after, Tamara turned her pains into profits by creating No! Wiggle No! Jiggle. To date, No! Wiggle No! Jiggle has been an industry disruptor by redefining expectations, confidence, and …shapes. You don't have to take our word for it, check out No! Wiggle No! Jiggle's true-to-form before and after pics, and then place your order!

Shop No! Wiggle No! Jiggle.

8. Dakari Moon Celebrates All the Colors of Black Womanhood

Most people have pleasant and fond memories of coloring books with their favorite cartoon characters. Dakari Moon channels this feeling and more through a curated collection of "soul care" products. The Black Girl Coloring Books are a smash hit for Black women of all ages.

Each book features characters that celebrate the inner beauty and culture of Black womanhood. You can also find a celebration of historic achievements in Black Girl Trivia and even Black Girl Play kits. With a wealth of books, art, and stationary, Dakari Moon is an affirmation of self-care, camaraderie, and play that are critical to a fulfilling and balanced life. 

Explore Dakari Moon. 

9. Sukari Spirits Offers a No-Hangover Cocktail for Health-Conscious Consumer

If you have a special someone in your life who likes to get their dranky-drank on, you can do them the ultimate favor by introducing Sukari Spirits. Sukari Spirits is a woman, minority, service-disabled, veteran-owned company. They are the originators and innovators of ultra-premium, all-natural spirits for more health-conscious consumers. Best of all, Sukari Spirits has NO Hangover! 

Most hangovers are caused by a congener— the common chemical additive that gives wine and liquor its character and color. Congeners are so common that people often assume it's the alcohol that causes the hangover when it's typically chemicals. Unlike other spirits on the market, Sukari Spirits skips all preservatives and chemical ingredients. The black-owned liquor manufacturer uses succulent fruit and vegetable juices for color in their vodka and whiskey spirits. While it will not cause hangovers, it's critical to refrigerate your bottle and keep it out of direct sunlight.

Shop Sukari Spirits. 

10. Where Is Bree? Is Making Travel More Accessible 

Pictured above is me and Q on our anniversary trip to Paris. I planned everything from start to finish...with the help of Where Is Bree. While I can be creative and spontaneous, planning isn't my strong suite. Having to worry with flights, hotel accommodations, and what to do at the location quickly gave me a headache. Fortunately, Where is Bree had the Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Excedrin...you know where I'm going.  

Where Is Bree is a custom travel planner that helps you plan your group trip or solo trip around your schedule. Founded by a traveling nurse and her spouse, Where is Bree handles everything from flights, hotel accommodations, excursions, and more. They make travel easier. 

You simply choose the dates when you would like to travel, and they take care of the rest. You'll have the option to strategically pay for different parts of the trip at your convenience to take the sting out of the total bill. I will never travel without them again. 

Explore the world with Where Is Bree. Also, make sure to check out @whereisbree.world to follow along on IG. 

11. Plant Zaddy Helps Bring Trees to Life

Whether in an apartment, office, or home, a live plant can bring fresh energy into the space. However, managing houseplants can be confusing and overwhelming to even an experienced outside gardener. For starters, how deep should the plant pot be? Do you need holes in the bottom of the pot? We haven't even gotten to caring for the plant. Being a houseplant momma or daddy can be tough.

The Plant Zaddy Club has you covered! Offering an array of stylish and cost-effective houseplants, The Plant Zaddy Club provides personalized assistance and guidance that you can't find at Lowes, Home Depot, or most nurseries.

Grow with Plant Zaddy Club. 

12. Black-Owned Gaming for the Culture 

You're pretty smart. But if you've ever played Trivial Pursuit, you probably walked away feeling less than. However, this shouldn't be an affront to your intellectual aptitude — it may be cultural. For example, you may draw blanks on the question, "How many seasons of Friends are there?"; but it wouldn't take a hot second for you to answer, "What was Martin's neighbor's name in the hit show, Martin?" "Oh My Goooodness...

It's time for you and your friends to start getting credit for your true intellectual fortitude, and that's what Black-Owned Games can do. You can choose from culturally relevant versions of your favorite mainstream games, like Taboo for the Culture, Black Uno, and many more!

Have fun with Black Owned Games.