LOC vs LCO for Daily Beard Care Routine: What Method Is Best?

LCO vs LOC daily beard care routine infographic.

Fellas, when it comes to your beard, do you use the (L) Liquid, (O) Oil, (C) Cream daily beard routine? Or do you use the (L) Liquid, (C) Cream, (O) Oil beard care routine? Don’t know? You’re not alone.

In fact, the conversation around LOC vs LCO largely exists in the natural hair communityHowever, these moisturization methods may offer the same benefits for facial hair as they do for the Type 3 or Type 4 that grows out of the scalp.

When the right method is used, it can help lead to a healthier, more moisturized beard. Let’s take a closer look at the LCO vs LOC method for your daily beard care routine.

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What Are the LOC vs LCO Methods for Daily Beard Care Routine?

Whether you want to promote beard growth, stop beard dandruff, or elevate your beard game, it starts with your daily beard care routine. And using the LOC or LCO method may be the key to unlocking the luscious beard you really want. 

As we previously mentioned, LOC stands for Liquid, Oil, and Cream, while LCO stands for Liquid, Cream, and Oil. Each one indicates the order in which you should apply the products to your beard to maximize its health and luster.

The LOC vs LCO daily beard care routines are similar and strive to achieve the same goals. Yet, the LOC method — whether you know it or not — has been the bonafide method of applying beard products. 

Using the LOC Method for Daily Beard Care

The LOC method is an excellent way to moisturize your beard and lock moisture in for an all-day luster. Key benefits of using the LOC method include the following:

  • Helps keep healthy beard follicles
  • Protects hair from damage
  • Keeps beard hair moisturized
  • Reduces flyaways
  • Increases the shine of your beard

Step 1 in the LOC Daily Beard Care Routine: The (L) Liquid

The first step in the LOC method is easy, and you are probably already doing it. This step simply involves washing your face or wetting it with an L — preferably water. Any natural hair care guru will rave about the amazing benefits of water. 

However, water can evaporate from your beard, leaving it dry and brittle. The goal is to lock this water into your beard, which takes us to step 2. 

 Step 2 in the LOC Daily Beard Care Routine: The (O) Oil 

The next step in the LOC method is to use an oil, such as Butter by Q’s Citrus Crush Beard Oil, to lock in the moisture. Our Beard Oil uses premium oils like jojoba oil, rosehip oil, avocado oil, apricot oil, and other nutrients to seal and lock moisture in your beard hair strands. 

Step 3 in the LOC Daily Beard Care Routine: The (C) Cream 

The final step in the LOC beard care routine is to use a cream for styling, such as Butter by Q’s Citrus Crush Beard Balm. Our beard balm is loaded with premium shea butter, mango butter, and other premium oils designed to help your beard hold its shape. And our beard balm can further seal and add moisture to your hair. 

A Closer Look at the LCO Daily Routine for Beard Care

The LCO method is an alternative way of moisturizing your beard that involves applying the cream before the oil. While it’s not a popular beard care routine, the LCO method is often used by those with low porosity hair on their scalp. 

With the LCO method, you would apply the beard balm or beard cream before you apply the oil. While it’s not common, here is the process. 

Step 1 in the LCO Daily Routine for Beard Care: The (L) Liquid

What’s the first step in the LCO daily routine for beard care? You guessed it…wash your face or beard. Always distribute the water evenly throughout your beard and work it in as evenly as possible. 

Step 2 in the LCO Daily Routine for Beard Care: The (C) Cream 

While your beard is damp, you should apply a cream product. You can use Butter by Q’s Beard Balm or any of our all-natural whipped butter, such as Smooth Operator. They act as super hydration agents for your beard.  

Step 3 in the LCO Daily Routine for Beard Care: The (O) Oil

Finally, use the oil to seal the moisture from the liquid products and cream into your beard. 

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When it comes to your beard care, there are no right or wrong answers. Instead, it’s all about what works for you. While the LCO method has been the de facto beard care routine, the LOC method may work better for you and your type of beard. 

In either case, Butter by Q offers an entire line of all-natural men’s hair, beard, and body products, including:

We skip all chemicals, artificial fragrances, parabens, and synthetic additives because Mother Nature knows best. We feel good about every ingredient we use, so you can look and feel better when you put it on.